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Ring subscriber at this number

I thought I saw this addressed earlier this year but could not find it so please bear with me. Is there a way to get Unity to send the original calling parties number when it does a "ring subscriber at this number'? Right now I get the vm port number of Unity showing. I have calls coming in on Unity with CM and a legacy phone system connected. If a call comes in on Unity for an extension that exists on the legacy phone system I have a call handler that says ring at this number and some route patterns on CM that macth up to the extension and CM sends the call out a 2nd PRI port over to the legacy phone system. It works fine except that the caller ID info that ends up on the legacy side is the port number for Unity, not the original callers number. Any thoughts?


Re: Ring subscriber at this number

The issue here is really with CM. If you substitute Unity with an IP phone and do a transfer in the same way you are going to get the same results. That is that the IP phone you initiate the transfer from will be the caller id presented. There isn't anything you can do about this on the CM side at this point.


Re: Ring subscriber at this number

Thanks for the reply. Is this an issue on the roadmap to be addressed or is this something I am going to have to learn to live with?

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