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Ring tones on CME


I am configuring a demo system on a 2811. The phones is 7960, 7920 and just about every model on the market :-)

I have found the loud ringtones for the 7920 and the Ringlist.xml. Where do i find the other ringtones listed in Ringlist.xml ?

The 7960 phones is looking for a distingtiveringlist.xml. Is it possible to make distingtive ringing on CME ?

How ?



Re: Ring tones on CME

Set tftp-server command to allow access to the files

e.g. tftp-server flash:RingList.xml

tftp-server flash:Piano1.raw

tftp-server flash:Chime.raw

Reboot the IP Phones. When IP Phones are rebooted, the IP Phones will get the files and show the ring types in Ring Type Option list under Settings.

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Re: Ring tones on CME

Thanks :-)

Yes i know. The phones show the ringtones. But where do i get the .raw files from. There are no .raw files on a cme system, and i havent been able to find them on Guess they must be part of the CM installation kit.


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Re: Ring tones on CME


There are no ring tones supplied with CME except the default two which are embedded in the phone firmware...

If you want others you could steal them from a CM installation (although the ones that come with that are fairly silly), or make your own - they're just wave files in a specific format... See this url:

See this URL for details of what spec the file has to be:

Or you might find some on the web - e.g. this one from 24 on TV:


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