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Rolm Siemens 9751 9005 with CCM 4.x

I'm looking into designing and rolling out CCM into an enviroment that has an old Rolm system. I will have to do this in phases, so bridging the systems is a must.

I'm looking for solutions for bridging the two systems together. Is it basically a T1 connection to the 6500 interface card and route from there? Or do I need another type of connection to bridge the old Rolm to the new CallManager? I was thinking about a direct connect with a Dialogic card, but it looks like it is not supported.

Any tips would be great.

Thanks much

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Re: Rolm Siemens 9751 9005 with CCM 4.x

We are currently using a similar system here. I have CCM 4.1(3) running with it. I have the two systems connected with a VG200 using a PRI. Similar to what you want to do. If you move an extension to the CCM, you just route those digits to the gateway. You could send outgoing (PSTN) calls from the CCM back to the Siemens through the gateway or you could create another gateway with a PSTN connection if you have it (this is what we do).

The voicemail is a whole other issue though.

Re: Rolm Siemens 9751 9005 with CCM 4.x

Funny, here I thought I was on an island. We have about 800 users on Rolm and phonemail. Moving everyone over in phases over the next 9 months. The approach is somewhat confusing. I will be installing new PRI's into the CMM 6500 series, but trying to bridge the Rolm to the CCM might be a different story. I thought about using the VG248 or VG200 in your case to create an analog hunt group that ported over 48 analogs to IP with the VG248. This would then route to the CCM. Again, like you said, you pointed the extension over to where they are located and vice versa.

The other way I was thinking of using the Rolm T1 cards and create the bridge to the 6500 CMM cards directly. Doing the same with thing with the exts and moving them over when we migrate.

I did get an email from Cisco last week saying they are going to have a PIMG device the 9005. They have one already for the 9006, but are in beta with the 9005 PIMG device. If this is true, it could be another option. ($$$$ option i think)

The Voicemail... probably guessing you have Phonemail from Rolm. So the migration strategy is about as complex as the bridge. I see two options:

option one, use the VG248 device to connect to the Rolm to Unity and CCM. Move everyone off the Phonemail system at once. If we do it in phases, we are thinking we cant forward VMs to and from each VM system (phonemail to unity and vice versa) We are also concerned the VG248 may not work because of the DTMF coding the ROLM sends out (or not we think) Unity will not be able to pick this up and decode what XXXX is calling.

option 2. wait for the PIMG device. It will be able to use the DTMF clearly and Unity will understand what is coming across the line.

Option 3... leave everyone Phonemail until the end. ugg....

If you everyone want to compare notes, please feel free to email me.

Thansk much

Tommer Catlin


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