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Route Filter question

Have a couple of doubts on Route Filters. (NANP)



CM help says,

"This one-digit code identifies a direct-dialed local call. NANP calls use 1 for this code. "

When I test this RF through a 9.@ route pattern, this is what happens.

a. Dial a 9, 1 and a 7 digit number, the pattern gets matched and is routed ot the gateway/ RL. The format for the number should be 9-1-XXX-ABCD. XXX is OFFICE CODE and ABCD is SUBSCRIBER CODE.

Getting back to my original question, is a "Direct-dialed local call" as per the description in CM help, indicate a 7 digit local call ?



CM Help says,

"This tag designates the first three digits of a seven-digit directory number in the form [2-9]XX"

When I test this RF with a 9.@ pattern, I am able to match both a 10 digit as well as 7 digit number.



CM Help says "This tag specifies the last four digits of a seven-digit directory number in the form XXXX.

When I test this, I am able to match both a 7 or 10 digit number.

I am trying to understand the disparity between CM Help/ System guide versus what is really matched in practice.


Re: Route Filter question

check out this link

Local-Direct-Dial: it requires a 1 so instead of local dialing 9-xxx-xxxx, you would need 91-xxx-xxxx. This assumes some areas on U.S requires the 1.

OFFICE-CODE: this is the the NPA or Prefix so if

91-415-555-1212 or 9-555-1212. It is always the 555 that Office code is referring to, not the 415 in a 10 digit dialing

SUBSCRIBER: same example as OFFICE-CODE, but it refers to 1212

what do you think?

Re: Route Filter question


Thank you for your feedback.

The link clearly describes that LOCAL-DIRECT-DIAL is the code used for 7 digit calls. CM help page seems to be vague. My question was geared towards whether "direct-dialed local call" means 7 digit dialing.

I clearly understand that its NPA and the last four digits that are being matched when you specify OFFICE_CODE and SUBSCRIBER. CM help describes that OFFICE CODE and SUBSCRIBER matches 555 and 1212 respectively (in your example) in a 7 digit directory number. Should it not have been 7 digit or 10 digit directory number?



Re: Route Filter question

Don't you just hate these semantics!!

The way I read it both your link and mines state local which implies 7 digit

In fact, both links seem to clarify 10 digit local explicitly. For instance, LOCAL-AREA-CODE is defined as 10 digit local while LOCAL-OPERATOR

is stated as local call which again implicitly assumes 7 digits

I guess with Local-direct-dial some areas in the country require a 1+7digit rather than a no 1.

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