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Route Filter/Route Pattern question


I have a customer that needs access to both local and international operators. My route patterns are (for the most part) set up as 8.@. Well, the 8.@ does not provide a route pattern for 0 (local) and 00 (LD-AT&T) operator. I tried multiple ways of fixing this. I have found a solution, but I don't believe its the BEST solution.

1) I tried configuring the route filter for LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR = Exist. This did not function as desired.

2) To get this to work, I created 2 route patterns. 1- 8.00 in the "all phones can call" partition with the urgent priority checked. The other is 8.0 in the none partition.

The problem is with the 8.0 pattern. Since there is more then 1 potential match when dialing, the 8.0 waits the interdigit timeout (changed to 8 seconds). If I select the 8.0 urgent priority, I can't even get to 8.00! So I've left that deselected. 8.00 works perfectly.

Also, if I dial 8.0#, CM prcesses the call immediately. So I tried configuring a xlation pattern for 8.0-->8.0#, but again, this breaks 8.00!

Any ideas are welcome, and thanks for taking a peek at this.

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Re: Route Filter/Route Pattern question

To alleviate the overlapping DN issue - how about using 9.00 for international.

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Re: Route Filter/Route Pattern question

Had some similar route pattern issues in Europe! If I have the right idea, try using without the xlas, :



This is as the route pattern looks for an exact match where ever possible and the, 8.0# would always be an exact match and take precedence over the other!

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