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route filter

I am reading something for route filter.

Here are three types international calls

COUNTRY CODE These one-, two-, or three-digit codes specify the destination country for international calls.

INTERNATIONAL-ACCESS This two-digit access code specifies international dialing. Calls originating in the U.S. use 01 for this code.

INTERNATIONAL-DIRECT-DIAL This one-digit code identifies a direct-dialed international call. Calls originating in the U.S. use 1 for this code.

Can anybody give me an example to make me tell the difference between them so that I can apply them in the customer case here (in North America).



Re: route filter

If you examine the North America Numbering Plan file (C:\Program Files\Cisco\DialPlan\NANP), you can see the "nuts and bolts" of how these are implemented. In short,


9 is your trunk access code of choice, 01 is INTERNATIONAL-ACCESS, and the 0 is INTERNATIONAL-OPERATOR.


Same as above, but the last digit '1' is INTERNATIONAL-DIRECT-DIAL.

It is difficult to give comprehensive examples not knowing what your goal is. Here is a random example. If you are interested in something more specific, reply to this message.

9.@ with a route filter COUNTRY-CODE == 7 & "route this pattern"

9.@ with a route filter INTERNATIONAL-ACCESS EXISTS & "block this pattern"

Something like this would block all international calls except those to Russia (country code 7), which would be permitted (the first pattern is more specific). It is possible and perhaps "clearer" to rather say INTERNATIONAL-ACCESS EXISTS AND COUNTRY-CODE == 7, but it is not possible under the NANP to have a COUNTRY-CODE without INTERNATIONAL-ACCESS being dialed, so it's redundant.

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