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route list exhaust errors to an H323 gateway

I have an H323 gateway. The CallManager trace shows a UNKNOWN_ALARM:MohNoMoreResourcesAvailable error. Normally, this would be a Media List Exhaust error, but our monitoring tool shows it as a route list exhaust error. Does anyone know how H323 uses MOH? Can anyone shed light on what is going on? This is a CM 3.3.3 cluster with one route list to one route group to one H323 gateway.

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Re: route list exhaust errors to an H323 gateway

When are you receiving that error , with a call, on hold? also are you using locations/regions. what is the end result ( reorder) can you make an incoming call.

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Re: route list exhaust errors to an H323 gateway

At this point, I'm not sure when the error occurs, if it's on hold or with a call. They are using regions, 3, and they are all set to G.711. There are 2 locations, one is set for 0 bandwidth, the other for 2120. You can make an incoming call. I put the trace for the media list error below (trimmed down). There are no errors on the route list in the trace, although, that's what we get the alarm on. Our monitoring agent is NetIQ.

CCM|UNKNOWN_ALARM:MohNoMoreResourcesAvailable - App ID:Cisco CallManager Cluster ID:ID:172.90.x.x|<:>

CCM|MRM::waiting_MrmAllocateMohResourceErr - ERROR - no resources are available -- ci = 35119565|



CCM|<:XXXXXXXXXX-CLUSTER><:172.90.X.X><:2><:DIRECTORY number=""><:7121002><:PORT 2218="">

CCM|StationD: 051758210 SetLamp stimulus=4(Transfer) stimulusInstance=1 lampMode=4(LampFlash).|

CCM|value H323-UserInformation ::= |<:XXXXXXXXXX-CLUSTER><:172.90.X.X>

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