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New Member

Route-List & Route-Group limitations

Hi everybody,

I am looking for a well done URL explaining the limitations of Route-List and Route-group

I use CCM 3.3(2)

I have 2 gateways G1 and G2 :

I want to prioritize :

Gateway 1 (G1) in 1 case and uses G2 as backup if G1 is busy or not available

And in an other case I want to prioritize G2 then G1

It's not possible to create 2 route-group(RG) with the same 2 gateways (G1 and G2)

However I think it's possible to create

RG1 --> G1

RG2 --> G2

And to apply :

RL1 : G1 then G2 ( G1 preferred )

RL2 : G2 then G1 ( G2 preferred)

Can you help me

Thanks for your help



Re: Route-List & Route-Group limitations

The idea you have is correct. You will then need to assign a Route Pattern to the RL's.

What criteria determines which RL is used? You will have to assign a unique Route Pattern to the RL's, or use partitions/CSS's to force certain devices to use the particular RL.

New Member

Re: Route-List & Route-Group limitations


Thanks for your answer, I don't want to use partition/CSS.

I just want to allow a favorite access for certain call (2XXX pbx interco) thrue G1 and other calls thrue G2 (PSTN directly) but If one gateway fails I want to be backup up thrue the second one.

I was asking to URL because I'd like to now too how works the backup from one RG to the other RG and one Gateway to the other

I mean I use RL1 with first RG1 (containing G1) and then RG2 (containing G2)and G1 becomes unavailable, what are the perequisite for the CCM to detect the failure ?




Re: Route-List & Route-Group limitations

The CM will automatically fail to the next RG when a call setup fails. CallManager will always attempt to send the call to the first RG, regardless of whether it failed before or not, if the call does fail it will attempt to use the next RG.

New Member

Re: Route-List & Route-Group limitations

CCM detects the failure through the h225 tcp establish timeout value (configurable) for H.323 gateways and I believe it's the mgcp request timeout value for an mgcp gateway.

New Member

Re: Route-List & Route-Group limitations

The CallManager Administration Guide has some explanation of this, although I won't comment on wether it's well done or not.

You are correct though. The gateway can only appear in one Route Group, however, a Route Group can appear in multiple Route Lists.

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