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route pattern:0 to telco operator

0 to telco operator for call collect.Can I just create a route pattern 0 and then assign it to the voice gateway?


Re: route pattern:0 to telco operator

You will create a Translation Pattern that will translate 0 into whatever number it is you are using for collect calls. Just put the translation in a partition that your phones have access to, and assign the translaction pattern a css that can make outbound calls. See attached.

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Re: route pattern:0 to telco operator

Thanks. I know how translaton works, what I didn't know is how call collect works.As you stated here, there must be a number to dial the telco operator though user just dial 0. So that means I have to ask customer that what's their current number(maybe 1800) in their PBX system to reach the telco operatoro since we'll rip off the PBX and put a CCM.



Re: route pattern:0 to telco operator

Yes, for collect calls you have to dial a 800 number to reach a automated or live operator. There you will be asked for your name and the phone number you want to call. The operator will place a call for you, and charge the called party if they accepts the collect call.

So, yes the 0 has to be translated to whatever collect call numbers your users use. For example, you can call 1800COLLECT or 1800CALLATT in US to reach a colect call operator.

Re: route pattern:0 to telco operator

Translate 0 into the appropriate number to be called to reach the telco operator using Translation patterns

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