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Route Pattern Failing

We are running CCM 3.2(2c) and a route pattern is failing on the designated route list and completing to the next route list and completing the call on the wrong gateway.

If we make the route pattern very specific, such as 1234567XXXX the call will complete to the correct route list. Currently he route pattern is 1234XXXXXXX

When we do a trace to determine what is happening to the call, we do not even see the route list in the list of available route lists.

We have about a dozen route lists and 15 gateways and this one route pattern is the only one failing.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Cisco Employee

Re: Route Pattern Failing

When CCM is doing it's digit analysis and the trace shows the anysis results section, you should be able to tell which partition is being used. This may help you to determine which route pattern is being used. Sounds like the call is matching on a route pattern that you may not be expecting.

Hope this helps you start to find the problem.


New Member

Re: Route Pattern Failing

Hi Kev,

In the example below, is 'DialingPartition' the actual route pattern partition, as you stated?

Thank you,


02/04/2004 08:38:30.668 CCM|Digit analysis: match(fqcn="18019", cn="18019", pss="PT-OnNet:PT-Ham-Internal:PT-Ham-Local:PT-Ham-STD", dd="055542555")|<:WARRNAMBOOLCM1-CLUSTER><:><:2><:><:SEP003094C2E436>

02/04/2004 08:38:30.668 CCM|Digit analysis: analysis results|<:WARRNAMBOOLCM1-CLUSTER><:><:2><:><:SEP003094C2E436>

02/04/2004 08:38:30.684 CCM||PretransformCallingPartyNumber=18019































02/04/2004 08:38:30.684

Cisco Employee

Re: Route Pattern Failing

This is an example of a call to a device (42555) that is on the IP network. This call did not go out a GW. You can look at the "|DialingPartition=PT-OnNet" to determine which partition is being used for a call going out a GW. Below this section will be the Route List information.

Based on the partition and Route List used you can narrow down the potential route patterns that could be matched.

CallManager is going to use the pattern that has the best match.

To get a better idea of how CallManager is looking at the route patterns you can dump a Dialing Forest. First pickup the handset and dial **##*4. You will hear a reorder tone, hang up. Take a look at the latest CCM trace and search for the word forest.

Here you will see all of the patterns listed under each partition. This may help you figure out why one route pattern is being selected over another.


Re: Route Pattern Failing

First list out all the patterns that look similar and then try to figure out why the wrong route-list is being selected. Also check the order of the gateways in the route-lists to see which one is selected.

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