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Route "unknown" DIDs to default extension

Does anyone know of a way to route inbound PSTN calls to a single extension if a particular DID has not been assigned to a phone?

I do not want to create a bunch of CTI phones; I'm looking to do something in the gateway so that if a DN doesn't exist in Call Manager, the gateway will re-route the call to an operator or main greeting in the auto-attendant.

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Re: Route "unknown" DIDs to default extension

I created a Translation pattern for XXXX with a Called Party Mask of the extention you want to send the calls. Now this matches all DIDs but the assigned ones have a closer match so they never get to the translation pattern.

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Re: Route "unknown" DIDs to default extension

The translation pattern works great. You can also create a Calling Search Space and assign it to the PSTN gateways , use a translation pattern associated with the CSS and this way only extenal calls will translate. And if any one internally trys to dial an Invalid extension it wont translate. Some accounts want different interceots for internal and external non existant numbers

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