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RouteListExhausted - CCM 4.0(2a)sr2b

I have a router with 5 PRIs in a route group, and this is the only RG in the RL. One PRI was having problems with channels 5 & 10, so I busied them out. I was then flooded with scores of Event Viewer warnings of RouteListExhausted. They began at 7:13am - when few people are in the building, and RTMT counter for the gateway indicated no more than 7 channels were in use during this time.

#1 What is the threshold for this warning to be thrown - is it defined thru RTMT and the default is 5, and changing it to some bigger number will perhaps reduce the frequency of the warning?

#2 If the channels that are busied out are triggering these warnings, is there any way around this? (I'm waiting on telco to fix the channels)

I have several other RLs that throw this error as well, so I don't believe the busied channels have a large impact.

Are there known bugs with this warning?



Re: RouteListExhausted - CCM 4.0(2a)sr2b

As far as the error message Route List Exhausted, this can usually be ignored. This error

appears when a call fails because an available route is not found in the indicated route list.

This will happen when the following occurs:

-If the number you are attempting to call is busy (i.e. the user is on the phone), by

default, CM will attempt to send the call out all other GW's (as you have configured).

- If the user was busy on the first try, they'll probably be busy on any other calls too.

If the system appears to be running fine, your best bet is to set the service parameter

'StopRoutingOnUserBusy' flag to true and this will reduce the number of times you see this error.

You can get more details in the following link

Search for "Error Message: %CCM_CALLMANAGER-CALLMANAGER-4-RouteListExhausted"


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Re: RouteListExhausted - CCM 4.0(2a)sr2b

I had nearly 200 warnings in less than 15 minutes during off peak time (7:15am). Perhaps a loop exists. My Stop Routing on User Busy Flag is already set to True.

I have 115 channels over the 5 PRIs, so perhaps when this warning is triggered, it is cascaded to all 115 channels. I don't think this is the case because I do have instances where only 1 warning is thrown. The number may have been busy, sure - the caller would have attempted over 200 calls within 15 minutes - usually with a 3-5 second interval.

Do busied out channels on a PRI contribute to this behavior?


Re: RouteListExhausted - CCM 4.0(2a)sr2b

The RouteListExhausted messages indicate that CallManager was unable to send a call to

those Route Groups in a Route List. This is usually as a result of no B channels or

ports being available on a gateway for routing a call.


Note that only one gateway should usually be configured per Route Group.

If you have a Route List with an H.323 gateway as the first Route Group, and a second

Route Group that should take any overflow, then sometimes the first H.323 gateway will

send a User Busy back to the CallManager if all of it's channels/ports are busy. If this

occurs, then the call is not forwarded to the second Route Group in the Route List. If

this is how your own Route List is configured, then it is advisable to set both "Stop

Routing on User Busy Flag" and "Stop Routing on Unallocated Number Flag" CallManager

service parameters to False (in CCMAdmin -> Service -> Service Parameters ->

select a server -> Cisco CallManager). This will mean that the CallManager will try

other gateways to re-route the call on a User Busy prior to reaching the

RouteListExhausted state.

There have been instances where the first H.323 gateway will return Unallocated Number to

the CallManager when the Controller has been shut down.

Alternatively, the site could simply be running out of channels or ports to access the

PSTN. If you have no H.323 gateways, then it is a pretty good indication of having run out

of B channels or ports for some reason.

If you never ever see high utilization, then you might want to look at any possible call

forwarding loops (i.e. someone forwards their work phone to their cell phone, and they

have their cell phone forwarded back to their work phone). This can cause all the B

channels to be very briefly utilized in the past (this naturally results in the

RouteListExhausted event and a fast busy for the caller being forwarded around in


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Re: RouteListExhausted - CCM 4.0(2a)sr2b

I'll be testing the flags set to False this evening.

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