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Routing 911 calls in campus environment

I have a site here on a LAN with a CCM cluster. It is a campus environment therefore I have 4 different buildings on the campus with the primary building housing the CCM cluster, unity, voice gateways etc... I need to route 911 from the other buildings on the campus but still have it signal from which building it's coming from (not just the primary building).

In other words all the buildings tie to the HQ building via the LAN, but when you dial 911, the call routes out of the HQ routers (Voice gateways). Is there any tips or tricks to configure it so that each building that dials 911 shows the address of the building to telco and not the HQ address/destination.



BLDG3-----------HQ-------------- BLDG4





Re: Routing 911 calls in campus environment

CER will help.

Re: Routing 911 calls in campus environment

To really do this right, you would need to purchase and install the Cisco Emergency Responder Server for this. This will be able to give the 911 the information about the call, no matter where it came from.

Just need to verify with the local LEC that you can upload PSAP information to them.

hope this helps

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Re: Routing 911 calls in campus environment

Provided that there is a local PSTN gateway in the individual campus buildings, this could be achieved without CER, but CER would be the preferred approach.

The calling search space on the phone as well as the line can become concatenated, with this approach you can designate phones residing in a certain building only use a particular route pattern for 911, while other phones in other buidling's use their respective route patterns. With this configuration you can assign the External Phone Number mask to the route. Another added touch here is that your should assign this route to a route list, should your primary path to 911 go down, you could failover to a secondary route group and apply the necessary call treatment when it hits the PSAP. Keep in mind the carrier would have to allow this.

check out the SRND in the dialplan section to read more.

My only caution to this is that should the phone get physically moved out of the designated site(or you have remote users on IP-Communicator with shared lines) the configuration is broken because even though the phone has been moved the configuration would move with it. CER is the best situation in the end.

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