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Routing incoming call to a predefined external number

We have a situation where a client wants to receive a call on their PRI trunks (brought in via a 3662) and route it over a WAN and push it out a PSTN connection to a predefined number. It is a information retrieval application, accessed by DTMF tones.

Customer calls 123-555-9999 which is received on the ISDN trunk and then forwarded to internal extension 666. Extension 666 is on a 1750 with a VIC-2FXO port in it attached to POTS lines. When the router takes these offhook, they want it to dial a canned PSTN number (which is local to their service bureau provider).

Ideally, if both ports are busy on the 1750, the call would be routed back out the ISDN to a preconfigged number.

The goal is to make a LD call a lot of their customers incur a local call. Is it feasible to set up a hunt group in CM targeting the 1750 ports first, then a LD call from inside the organization to the service bureau. In this scenario, their inbound number would dial the internal extension associated with the hunt group.

Bigger question yet, can CM supervise the FXO ports on the 1750 and "know" they're busy?

Looking for input.

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Re: Routing incoming call to a predefined external number

If both gateways are H.323, you can avoid CM totally. Just create a voip dial-peer on the 3662 that points to the 1750. On the 1750 create multiple dial-peers for the destination that use the preference X option.

something like this-


num-exp 9999 666

dial-peer voice 50 voip

destination-pattern 666

session target ipv4:

--------on the 1750-----------

assume 2 FXO ports 2/0 and 2/1

num-exp 666 7895551212 (number you want to call)

dial-peer voice 10 pots

preference 1

destination-pattern 7895551212

port 2/0


dial-peer voice 11 pots

preference 2

destination-pattern 7895551212

port 2/1

-----------rerouting to the pri--------

This is a little tricky......

I'm not sure if this part will work, but give it a shot.


dial-peer voice 12 voip

destination-pattern 7895551212

preference 3

session target ipv4:


num-exp 7895551212

dial-peer voice 51 pots


port 1/0:23

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