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New Member

Routing Rules getting corrupted

My situation seems related to the following unsolved case:

routing rules table corrupting


Jun 5, 2002, 2:15am PST

I used "option 3" and created eleven CTI route points and eleven "forwarded call" routing rules. It seem that every time we stop and start unity we find that some of the rules have changed from "send to greeting for so-and-so" to "attempt forward" to no one.

We are running Unity 3.1(3) on a ICS7750 blade.

The "rule" table in the SQL database still looks okay. The one thing we found when trying to recreate the problem was that this corruption never occurs when using ie on the unity server itself, but always seems to happen when accessing the unity server from a remote browser.

To recreate the problem, create some routing rules for a few extensions (seven or so), then stop and start unity and see if they still send to the proper subscribers greetings. Remember not to use the browser on the unity server.

Cisco Employee

Re: Routing Rules getting corrupted

Can you repeat this and then take a snapshot of the SQL table for the rules database and email it to me? A "before" and "after" shot of the table would be excellent - I do all the admin of my Unity text box here using IE on another box and I've never been able to recreate this, although this has been reported in one form or another by several sites (could be seperate problems I suppose but I suspect deeply the SA is writing some bogus data through somehow or another).

If we can get a look at exactly what property (or properties) are getting fouled up, we should be able to work it backwards. The SQL table must be in a bad state somehow since the ruler (the guy that processes the rules for the arbiter component) is reading directly out of the SQL database - if it's not routing proplery the data in the table must be crispy somewhere.

New Member

Re: Routing Rules getting corrupted

In the process of trying to recreate this for you, the server crashed. AvCsMgr would not start until we did a Dirt restore. I will email you screen shots as follows:

Before any rules were added:

rulesbefore.csv is a dump of the Rule table

screenbefore.bmp is a screen shot of the SA window.

Then we added seven forwarding rules and took the following shots:

rulesadded.csv, screenadded.bmp

Then we stop/start unity

(got event 7031 from svc ctrl mgr, The AvScMgr service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 2 time(s). Corrective action 0 msec, no action.)

see rulesstopped.csv then

see rulesrestart.csv, screenrestart.bmp

You will notice that the rules table is intact, but the screen shot of the SA reveals that where it used to say send to greeting for subscriber x it now says send to greeting for (noone).

Since the SQL database is valid, it appears that the process that reads that data into memory is the likely cuplrit...

Please advise...

Cisco Employee

Re: Routing Rules getting corrupted

I'll look for your message...

one other thing, in the startup process where AvCsMgr wouldn't start, were there error's warnings ahead of that? I'm looking specifically for something about the Arbiter component failing to load up stream from that...

Cisco Employee

Re: Routing Rules getting corrupted

I never got your message, by the way... but as a side note, a related bug was opened against Unity not starting properly if there was a corrupted rule in the routing rule table (which is what I suspect was causing your system not to come up but I'm not sure without being able to check the table outputs).

here's the bug link:

New Member

Re: Routing Rules getting corrupted

Jeff, I am resending the files to your email.


New Member

Re: Routing Rules getting corrupted

I am emailing you the application event log. applog9-17-2002-8-10am.evt

open with event viewer and look on 9/17 between 8 and 10am.

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