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New Member

routing rules table corrupting

Environment: <br>2 CCM 3.0.11 boxes<br>1 UM 3.1.3 Unity, SQL 2000 w/ sp2 and hotfixes, OFF box Exchange 2k message store, in Active directory domain. Server is Cisco MCS-7835, 1gig Ram. 733Mhz.<br> <br>Problem: intermittently Unity will stop running with the following errors in app log.<br><br>Manager service (AvCsMgr) failed to initialize the component manager. <br>The server monitor thread has stopped <br>AvCsMgr: Component Arbiter initialize failed. <br>Failed activating the [ROUTING] domain in the Ruler. <br><br>Opened a tac case #: C754886 and discovered this is due to a corrupt routing rules table. When you run configmgr.exe and apply the defaultrules.sql and reboot unity all is fine. Have to reinput all of my 15 rules though.<br><br>This problem creeps up periodically for no reason. Unity will be running fine and then BAM. Even if no rules have been added or edited. <br><br>Any Ideas?<br><br>


Re: routing rules table corrupting

That's kind of an odd one... so Unity comes DOWN with this message or you see this message when Unity starts up after being cycled? It should only be initializing the arbiter during startup, that'd be a strange error to get when Unity was just flying along.

Regardless, it'd be interesting to see the routing rules table when it's in this state, might give us a clue as to what's causing the problem. Interestingly the routing rules were moved from a local .RUL file on the hard drive into a table in SQL for the 3.1(3) release… If you get it into that state again, it’d be really nice to pop open the RULE table in the UnityDB database in SQL. Or you can just export that table to CSV and send it to us (be sure to export it to TEXT using Unicode). It’d go a long way to figuring out what’s causing your problem if we could take a look at what the rule parser was upset with in that table.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)


Re: routing rules table corrupting

You're right the errors are when Unity starts back up after taking it down. I have looked into the table after the problem has occurred and there is some corruption. The condition field information on some of the rules is truncated. For instance, a rule might normally say (Forwarding Station==7600) And (Reason In {2,4,8}); and after the problem occurs a look into the table shows (Forwarding Stati. The rest is missing. If I manually add the informaton back in and bounce the box Unity will load fine. If I delete the entire rule record (ie. the entire row of the table) and then bounce the box Unity will NOT start and I will have to run defaultrules.sql to reset the table. The condition field is the only field with noticable corruption.

Does this help make any sense of the problem?

New Member

Re: routing rules table corrupting

Please tell me how to do this....I am getting the same exact errors. what is the defaultrules.sql

Cisco Employee

Re: routing rules table corrupting

You need to run the ConfigMgr.exe application to apply the default rules SQL script. You'll find this guy under the \Commserver\ root directory.

If you're running 3.1(3) or later you just need to hit the radio button labeled "Run Rules Configuration Script" and it'll automatically select the proper script file... just hit the "run" button in the lower right and it'll do the rest. You'll want to restart Unity at that point - although it SHOULD slurp in the rules on the fly, I usually want to force a reparse of the rules file which is done at startup.

If you're running an older version you'll have to select the radio button option for the rules and then use the browse button to manually select the defaultrules script file which can be found in \commserver\localize\defaultconfiguration\enu - and then hit run.

I've heard of this now on 4 seperate sites but we never been able to repro it and after turning traces on at one site for weeks it never happened again... I'd really like to run this one down... if you have a system that this happens on more than once, please let me know so we can turn on some traces and hopefully catch it happening so we can run it back to the source.

New Member

Re: routing rules table corrupting

hi, i also experience the same case! my TAC case is C963467. the dev eng advise me to put back the routing rules after running ConfigMgr.exe and see whether the problem occur again.

unfortunately, afraid of "time bomb", the customer doesn't allow me to do it yet. will update you all if it happens again.

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