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RSA Two Factor not working

I am running Unity 2.4.6, and am attempting to get RSA two factor security configured. I have the ACE client installed and working. I configured RSA Two Factor under Unity Configuration-->Settings, and stopped and started the server. Then, I added a Class of Service with two-factor security configred. <br><br>When I change a user to that class of services and configure the enhanced security user alias, I can no longer log in to voice mail. I get a messages, "Sorry, this system is temporarily unable to complete your call. Please call again later. Goodbye."<br><br>Any hints?<br><br>


Re: RSA Two Factor not working is not as RSA/ACE ready as the readme.htm would make it appear. We have a bug filed on this and we are working to resolve it.

You will needed to do the following:

First, add this registry key:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\SystemParameters\1.0]
"Use Enhanced Security" 0x00000001"

Then you need to add the RSA component:

1) Run Maestro Tools from the CommServer directory.
2) Select the AvCsMgr Registry Editor tab.
3) Select the "New" button under either the "Enabled" or "Disabled" pane.
4) In the "New" dialog box, in the "tag" field (the first field), enter
"RSA". In the "ID" field (the second field) enter AVRSASvr.AVRSASecurity.1
5) If you did the "New" under the "Disabled" pane, use the ">>“ to add it
to the enabled pane.

What this does is add the RSA component to the list of "components to load"
in the registry. Rebooting the Unity machine will then load the service.


Keith Chambers
Customer Support Engineer
Cisco Systems

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Re: RSA Two Factor not working

Thanks, this works! You didn't mention one (painfully obvious) thing: click "Write Registry" after adding the entry in Maestro Tools... (and, yes, I did have to restart the services twice before I found it...) ;)


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