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RSVP configuration issue

Hello guys,

My task is to configure the RSVP protocol. I need to see the Path messages Resv messages and some others in the network. I am configuring RSVP the first time and faced to some problems..

Could anybody suggest any easy way how to configure it between some devices to see this packets?? Any suggestion or..


lo0-Routerfa0/0 - fa0/0.94 Router -lo0

Now I am trying to simulate the RSVP Path and Resv messages using

ip rsvp reservation and ip rsvp send commands:

While debugging I see some initiation but show ip rsvp counters command doesn't display any Resv and Path messages transmited. I tried to configure this the same way but using ip rsvp sender-host and ip rsvp reservation-host but also unsuccessfully.


ip route

no ip http server

ip rsvp sender 1 0 0 FastEthernet0

/0 5 1

ip rsvp reservation 1 0 0 FastEthe

rnet0/0 FF RATE 5 1

ip rsvp signalling hello statistics


interface Loopback0

ip address

interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address


ip rsvp sender 1 0 0 FastEthernet0

/0.94 5 1

ip rsvp reservation 1 0 0 FastEthe

rnet0/0.94 FF RATE 5 1

interface Loopback0

ip address

interface FastEthernet0/0.94

ip address

What do I make wrong??

Thank to everybody in advance.


Re: RSVP configuration issue


afaik the commands allows a router to send RSVP instead of a host attached, like an "RSVP proxy".

So you would need two hosts generating traffic.

What you probably are looking for is "ip rsvp sender-host" and "ip rsvp reservation-host". Here the router generates PATH and RESV messages.

Have a look at

Hope this helps


Community Member

Re: RSVP configuration issue

Try adding the "ip rsvp bandwidth" command on all interfaces in the network that will make up the RSVP path. In this case Ethernet and WAN interfaces.

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