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RSVP Video

(Note: This message was posted as part of the "Ask the Expert" Event on Video Conferencing over IP that took place January 29 to February 9. Feel free to respond to or form discussions around this question)

Posted by mwoolwardx

In a previous response you speak of the requirement for RSVP for CAC to be utilized in conjunction with DLLQ....

In a massive Enterprise Network where Video is just another application (and certainly plays second fiddle in importance to a Corporations primary money making apps), I would argue that RSVP is unscalable and unjustifiable. Is it possible to use a Gatekeeper for CAC and ensure that its thresholds for allowing calls is in tune with Bandwidth allocations given over for video traffic (say, allocate 130% of the bandwidth required to prevent Jitter?) utilizing CBWFQ or some other Diffserv mapping mechanism? If this is the case is it possible for a Gatekeeper to keep track of calls placed to different domains (say different parts of the IP Network) and to allow calls according to bandwidth available? Is anyone using this method?

New Member

Re: RSVP Video

Gatekeeper can provide CAC and bandwidth control for an aggregation of calls but it does not have the ability to look at each call flow specifically. Since video conferencing calls can range from 64k to 2Mbps, effective CAC solutions mustbe aware of per call flows as well as aggregate bandwidth. RSVP provides such call specific views. Right now, the Cisco MCM is not aware of network topology so cannot manage calls to different domains. We are in future revisions of the product discussing the addition of such features to promote scalability as you proposed... Hope this helps.

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