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New Member

RTP stream to 7920 phone

I have a jtapi app that mimics a walkie talkie system. Pretty basic stuff going on.

I'm using the multicast custom softkeys to transmit and receive audio.

So the Cisco Docs say that the 7920s can "only support one incoming and one outgoing unicast stream."

However, I'm able to transmit multicast fine from the's just I'm not receiving anything.

Here are my two CiscoTerminal.sendData() methods that are pushed to a phone when it joins a walkie talkie channel:

CT_.sendData("<CiscoIPPhoneExecute>" +

"<ExecuteItem URL=\'RTPMRx:" + SHOUTIP + ":" + (Integer.parseInt(SHOUTPORT)+channel_*2) + "\'/>" +


CT_.sendData("<CiscoIPPhoneText>" +

"<Title>" + channelname + "</Title>" + "<Prompt></Prompt>" +

"<Text>Hold down the [Talk] key to talk.\nPress the [Stop] key to exit the channel.</Text>" +

"<SoftKeyItem>" +

"<Name>Talk</Name>" +

"<URL>RTPTx:Stop</URL>" +

"<URLDown>RTPMTx:" + SHOUTIP + ":" + (Integer.parseInt(SHOUTPORT)+channel_*2) + "</URLDown>" +

"<Position>1</Position>" + "</SoftKeyItem>" +

"<SoftKeyItem>" +

"<Name>Stop</Name>" +

"<URL>http://" + server_ + ":8080" + path_ + "?CHANNEL=" + channel_ + "&TASK=1&DEVICE=" + SEP_ + "</URL>" +

"<Position>2</Position>" +

"</SoftKeyItem>" +


Is there some trick to receiving RTP on the 7920? I discovered that you have to wrap the CiscoIPPhoneExecute URL in single quotes instead of double quotes or the 7920 won't do anything with it. I was wondering if there's something else I need to call to turn on the earpiece?

I'm seeing the RTP receive animated icon on the phone when it joins the walkie talkie channel, and like I said, I can hold down the "Talk" softkey and hear audio on my desk IP phones.

Additional Info: the SHOUTIP variable is and the SHOUTPORT variable is 20480. My channel numbers are linear from 0 on up, you'll notice I multiply them by 2 to keep on the even ports for broadcasting.

Any help is appreciated,


New Member

Re: RTP stream to 7920 phone

Pshh...nevermind. I updated the firmware this morning from 3.0 to 3.01 and it works now.

Curiously, we have Syn-Apps SA-Announce and it had no problem doing paging and walkie talkie to the 7920 before the firmware upgrade this more power to them for figuring out the pre-3.01 trick to multicasting to the 7920s.

Coincidentally, this whole thing came about because we sold an SA-Announce server to a company that requires paging and a service that works EXACTLY like a walkie talkie system. Since the Syn-Apps walkie talkie requires one person to always be in a phone call to keep it active, and can't rejoin members once they've left, I had to write this app to go along with it.

I'm going to donate the code to you guys for those curious. It was written in two days including fighting against stupid it's not well documented and it hasn't been optimized at all.

I'm zipping up the entire NetBeans project folder.

There's a WT.war file in a dist subfolder but our CallManager and Push user/pass are hardcoded in, so you'll need to update those and rebuild.

The URL: http://your-servlet-server:8080/WT/servlet?DEVICE=#DEVICENAME#

is used for the services URL.

This code provided as-is blah blah blah...