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running video signal 1100 feet

I have a possible job in a new large storage facility. They will have 32 cameras converging to one computer with 4 500GB hard drives backing up video for a month. They need a run 1100 feet to monitor that computer from a guard shack 1100 feet away. Cat-5 degrades at 330 feet. Does anyone know what might support that video signal (telephone twisted pairs?) If so, how?


Re: running video signal 1100 feet

I don't even think video can travel on the cat5 cable. But I did a quick search on google, here is what i found.

If you had a CCTV cam with coax out, you could convert it CAT5 with this connector.

You can also try These guys have everything video you can imagine. Also a Video server would be great. All the CCTV cams plug into a IP device that you can then stream to a computer for storage.

Your other option, use fiber. Then at the each end, use copper to fiber convertors to bring it back to CAT5.



Re: running video signal 1100 feet

when you say video signal, do you mean analog video signal, or over IP? If its IP you might be able to use LRE switches, they support up to 5000 feet at 15Mbps.

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Re: running video signal 1100 feet

For some reason the LRE hardware is EOL:

I have asked Cisco for a replacement solution - but so far I hear only silence.

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