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sa passord is black


Why does callmanager does not change the password of sa after the install? It asks for SQL password and still the sa passwors is blank and any odbc source can connect to the callmanager database when connecting to it??

why such a big security hole? any reason behind it? what can we do to secure callmanager database?


Re: sa passord is black

During the install when you add the SQL password it should change your sa password.

FYI...beginning with CM 4.x odbc connections are not allowed by default to the CM db any longer.

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adignan - berbee

Community Member

Re: sa passord is black

I will surely rate all posts. I did set a password when installing callmananeger 4.1(3), but i was able to connect to the database using blank password, this is the third time i have seen this, everytime i set a passwors for sql during installation but i am able to connect using sa and no password.

when you say odbc connections are no allowed starting 4.x , what does a person need to do to connect to the database then?

we have telesoft software that we are trying to connect to the callmanager, and we were able to connect using blank password for sa???

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