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Sample Services

I am looking to put some services on our phones. Does anyone have any good suggestions or reference sites (other than the supplied Docs)? Thanks!


Re: Sample Services

Hello cplatt01. Can you please re-post with a detailed explanation of what you are looking for? There is not enough information in your post to provide you with any helpful documentation.


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Re: Sample Services

Sorry about that. I am really new to this stuff, so I am not really sure where I should even be posting this! We are using CM 3.2. We have 7940 and 7960 phones deployed. I want to add some services onto the phones and I am not sure where to add these. I see some info on line, but nothing that useful. The guy who set this up, left us with no documentation! Any info would be great. If you need more detail, let me know.


Re: Sample Services


I don't think the call center forum is the right place for your question ,you better try the ip telephony forum next time ,but anyway if I got it right you already have some services and want to add them to new phones.

If you go in the callmanager admin to feature ->cisco ip phone services you can see all global services available..If you want to add a new service you need to add it here and point the service URL to the place where your .asp file is (i.e

Now you have 2 options to add the service to the phones.

1. As admin you can go to the phone or profile configuration page , subscribe/unsubscribe services and add one of the previously defined services in there.

2.User can go to the user page ,configure ip phone services , and add the service in there.

The follwing link might be useful for you

The Ip Phone Services software development kit contains some sample services as well

You can download it here...

Just in case you are going to develop new services...


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