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Saved Messages box in 4.0.3 Unity

How can i set up Unity 4.0.3 to announced the number of SAVED Voice Messages only for individual users? Unlike New messages where i HAVE the choices to choose amongst Voice, Email or fax to announce, Saved Messages option doesn't give me that option. It is either announce them all or turn off the feature.

Cisco Employee

Re: Saved Messages box in 4.0.3 Unity

Currently this isn't something you can get out of the count conversation - it's there more as a mechanism to let folks know how many messages are languishing in their mailbox that they've heard than to give them a breakdown of the different types of read messages they have. The expectation is that the messages you're calling in to check in most cases are the new ones - which may not always be the case. There is a cost with filtering the inbox for additional specifics on the read messages up front which could introduce some delay in your inbox counts as well.

As with all such items, you're best bet is to ask your account team to enter a PERs so the product folks know this is something desired in the field and they can get it on the development plate.

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