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SAWEB Access

My client can't access SAWEB from anywhere in their network except the same subnet that the Unity server is on. I know they have a complex network with proxy server running and I saw a post from late August and September that very closely follows my scenario. However I never did get a picture of needs to happen to get the proxy server to behave and let my people login. I have set the browser to "prompt user" and to not use the proxy server for local pages, I think that doesn't work because it is going over different subnets and VLans. Is there anything else I can try to get past the proxy?<br><br><br>Anthony Duval<br>Systems Engineer <br>Special Order Systems<br><br>


Re: SAWEB Access

You didn’t say what error message you’re getting when you try to hit the page (this is very important… get the exact text since it will point us in different directions).

It may be as simple as indicating to IE not to use a proxy server for local addresses… I get a lot of folks that trip up on that.

The Vlans and proxy servers etc… shouldn’t have anything to do with authenticating to IIS and getting on the SAWeb if you’re doing it manually (so long as the address is being resolved). Those things will come into play if you want to authenticate automatically and if you’re having trouble with the Media Master connection (i.e. TRAP connections) and the like…

If you’re providing a domain name, user name and PW to the challenge and response dialog you get when you hit the SAWeb address and it’s coming back and telling you that user is not a subscriber, then Exchange is telling us that user information is not associated with an Exchange users in the directory that’s a subscriber. If you’re getting a COS restriction error, that’s a different matter. If IIS is indicating the address doesn’t exist, that’ a different matter still.

Jeff Lindborg
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Re: SAWEB Access

By going to internet options for the browser and stoping it from using a proxy server at all I am I get the challenge box and can connect, but when I use a proxy server, even if I check the "don't use proxy for internal addresses" checkbox it goes to an error page that says you are not authorized to view this page. I am led to believe there are more than one proxy servers in this network and don't have good communication with who is running them. Anyway I have a work around, for now, and realize that proxy server is another world. If there are known proxy settings that will stop this I would much appreciate that knowledge. I was able to come to some conclusions by checking the OWA and finding it didn't allow logon when we were using proxy either.

Anthony Duval
Systems Engineer
Special Order Systems

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