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Hey, Jeff- What is the simple answer to how we will get beyond 120 ports- I have an RFP that needs a simple description for an answer. Will we cluster boxes, partition ports and users to a specific box, etc..?<br><br>


Re: Scalability

Well... the simple answer is in the current product there is no easy solution to get more than 120 ports. I know that's not the answer a sales guy wants to hear, but you're also talking to the head of CPR at the moment and when some rickety house of cards solution falls down, I'm the one that needs to deal with it long after you've cashed your commision check and headed for the beach!

Until we get true clustering support into Unity (i.e. managing MWI/Notifications across multiple boxes, handling fail overs dynamically, sharing integration information across multiple servers etc...) there's no clean way to make this work.

The best you can hope for at this point is to leverage the digital networking features and have two independant Unity servers services two independant groups of folks... addressing might be cumbersome if they were too large to pull of "global" addressing (probably the case if you need that many ports). Not a clean solution.

Scallability is definitely on everyone's minds around here... this will get attention, but for now you're skating on thin ice if you're trying to push past existing limits with fancy deployment tricks.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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