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SCCP call to SIP


Currently we are using SCCP protocol and now we are implementing a new site which has another voip solution using SIP for external international call so how can I route the call to the SIP connection?

The current setup for the voice gateway like this: gi0/0 connected to our CallManager and gi0/1 is connected to the SIP Voip service (I'm able to ping from gi0/1 to the telco end). When user try to make a international call with the prefix 9* it will goes to the gi0/1 interface. Is there any example or clue for reference? Thanks!


Re: SCCP call to SIP

Can you be more specific with the call flow?

It sounds like you have something similar to this:

SIP Provider---g0/1--CUBE--g0/0---???--CUCM

If they are both SIP, you probably do not want to use the bind command. If you have an address that both your SIP provider and CUCM can reach (DMZ), you can bind to that interface. When you bind you will only listen on that interface, however.

If you do not bind, CUBE will automatically use the IP address closest to the destination we are trying to reach. In this case, it chooses g0/0 because the route for CUCM is out of that interface, and g0/1 for the same reason for the SIP provider.

Is this what you were asking about?


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Re: SCCP call to SIP

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your reply. Currently our connection is like this Telco --- E1 -- Cisco 3825 -- g0/0 --- SCCP --- CUCM which work perfectly for incoming and outgoing call. Now we would like to add addtional SIP service from another telco through Cisco 3825 g0/1 interface and using SIP protocol. So now we have done the interface configuration and routing just not sure how to route the call traffic through the g0/1 interface when pressing 9*

Please let me know if you need further information. Thanks.

Re: SCCP call to SIP

Ok, well for starers you're not using SCCP to an E1. It's either SIP/H323/MGCP.

If you want to dial 9* to dial out of this interface you need to:

-create dial peers on the 3825 to route 9* out the E1

-configure the E1

-create dial peers to send your DID range to CUCM via SIP

-create a SIP trunk in CUCM

-create a route pattern to route 9* to that SIP trunk.

It's quite a few steps. I would suggest reading some of the documentation on CUCM on configuring SIP, as well as dial peers.



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Re: SCCP call to SIP

Hi Nick,

The E1 is working fine and now we would like to add additional SIP service from telco for budget international call so when user dial 9* the voice traffic will route to g0/1 instead of E1


Re: SCCP call to SIP

If you're wanting to add a SIP trunk to this gateway you're looking into CUBE. CUBE has a different licensing requirement, but is a software upgrade on your router.

Generally, it is an addition of dial peers and some voice service voip commands like:

voice service voip

allow-connections h323 to h323

allow-connections h323 to sip

allow-connections sip to h323

allow-connections sip to sip

You may find a lot of useful information in this document:



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