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sccp gateway or proxy / VPN's and IPCommunicator

Hi all,

I am searching for a solution of some kind of sccp proxy. I do not want to propagate all possible subnets with SCCP-Phones to the VPN Client/IPCommunicator.

I would like to have a gateway where all SCCP-Phones coming from the VPN-Subnets communicate with the ccm's and the "gateway".

I think this must be already invented ;-)


Re: sccp gateway or proxy / VPN's and IPCommunicator

The Firewall Support of Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) feature enables Context-Based Access Control (CBAC) inspection to support the Voice over IP (VoIP) protocol, Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP). That is, CBAC inspects Skinny control packets that are exchanged between a Skinny client and the Call Manager (CM); CBAC then configures the router (also known as the Cisco IOS Firewall) to enable the Skinny data channels to traverse through the router.


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Re: sccp gateway or proxy / VPN's and IPCommunicator

This is not exactly the problem.

The packets can pass.

As it is known IP-Phones communicate via rtp.

Now, if you have 100 voice-subnets, You have to propagate every subnet to the VPN-Client.

I search some kind of Media-Termination-Point for Ip-Phones inside the same Net with CCM.

Then the IP-Phones do communicate with this MTP and not with outside IP-Communicators. On the other Side, IP-Communicators do communicate only with this Point and must not have access in every phone-subnet.

Same effect as when you do a conference. All endpoinds communicate\terminate with the ccm.

I searching also in the gatekeeper functions to solve this.

Maybe could be also a solution.

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