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SCCP / MGCP / H.323

- I am soliciting opinions on what the "best practice" is regarding setting

up VoIP gateways.

I have been told by SE's, and at the ask the expert at this year's Networkers

that Cisco prefers SCCP, then MGCP, and then H.323.

The protocol of choice depends on if the platform supports the protocol

or not. (i.e.:1760-V)

I have had several installs begin with MGCP, but end up with H.323 because

H.323 proved to be the successful solution and am questioning if I should

still attempt deployments with MGCP for the time being.

Are others having these same issues with MGCP only to find themselves

installing a H.323 solution? Or is MGCP not being deployed at all?

--- Thanks ---


Re: SCCP / MGCP / H.323

IMHO, I like h.323 better. Primarily because it is easier to troubleshoot. The downside is that if you make changes, you have to consider the gateway also, so you are making changes to both CallManager and the gateway.


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Re: SCCP / MGCP / H.323

In one of my recent installations I had to switchover to H.323 from MGCP.

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Re: SCCP / MGCP / H.323

We had the same need to switch from H323 to MGCP in a remote site.

On the whole though both have worked very well for us. ON the new MGCP code (12.2.11T) there appears to be some documented bugs with ISDN line status not displaying on certain types of trunks including some or all types of PRI which is irritating - but i can live with it.

On the whole we've been pleased with MGCP - but then again outside of the dial peer maintenance which was a tremendous pain in the neck, we were never really displeased with H.323 either.

- Ken Johnson

LeTourneau University,



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