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New Member

Scheduled OffNet Call Forwarding

Is it possible for users to have the phones forwarded automatically to an off-net number during certain hours of the day. Basically we have some users that keep forgetting to forward their calls when they leave the office. It would be much easier to automate this process.

Cisco Employee

Re: Scheduled OffNet Call Forwarding

CallManager does not have a mechanism for this. Personal Assistant will integrate with CallManager and allow you to set this up.

New Member

Re: Scheduled OffNet Call Forwarding

You could also do this with Unity using call routing rules and schedules.

However, it can be rather complex to implement if you are not familiar with

the process.

Personal Assistant is really designed specifically to handle such tasks and if you have a significant number of people to deploy this for, it's probably a better use of your time setting up Personal Assistant as it will allow flexibility for the end user in regards to changing schedules, etc.


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