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Schedules by Dates

To the Experts,<br><br>I am looking to see if my theroy is correct. I am running CM 3.0.11 and Unity I was looking in the schedule section to see if there was a way to set a certain schedule by date. <br><br>For example, here at my work we regularly work 8 hr days 7-4 with 1 hr lunch Monday - Fridays. But during the holiday season we some times work 4 10 hr days to get one off besides the regulay holiday. This week we worked 10 hours on the 16th, 19th, 20th and 21st to have Friday the 23rd off.<br><br>My situation comes in that my call hadlers are set for Regular hours and After Hours to obey holiday schedule. So when we come in early 1 hour and stay late one hour (6-5) it is playing the After Hours greeting for those two hours.<br><br>Question: Is there a way to set a call handler by Date?<br>I was looking around and the only thing Could find to set by date is a holiday. So then my theroy is that I can not set call handlers by dates, only by days and hours.<br><br>I know i could go in before the 10 hour work week and change the hours on the After hours Greeting. That would fix the problem this year but then when next year comes around i would have to do it all over again. We do this for a couple of holiday for the year so if the unity is able to do that it would be nice.<br><br>Well thanks for the help,<br><br><br><br>Troy Dean<br>Elevating Boats LLC.<br>900 St. Bernard Pkwy<br>Braithwaite, La 70040<br>E-Mail:


Re: Schedules by Dates

your theory is correct... there is no date driven schedule that allows you to change the hours based on the date. The holiday schedule simply means a schedule over ride such that all calls for that handler on that day are trated as "after hours".

It'd be kinda nice to have a calendar type control for schedules so you could dictate a change in hours based on the day of the week/month/year and the like, but that'd be a pretty invovled change from where we're at now I'm afraid... schedules are just stored as strings of on/off times for standard and off hours scheule reporting.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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Re: Schedules by Dates

Thanks Jeff, I just wanted to make sure before some one questions me about it here. Maybe in the future this will be available.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,

Troy Dean
Elevating Boats LLC.
900 St. Bernard Pkwy
Braithwaite, La 70040

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