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Schema Issues with Unity 4.0(2)

Customer is having Exchange issues to the point right now where the System Manager services will not start. All normal troubleshooting have been attempted on their side. The opened a case with Microsoft and, since the only major changes made have been the schema updates for Unity, they are looking at Unity as the cause. MS recommended re-executing a forestprep and a domainprep for Exchange 2000, and possibly re-installing Exchange over itself. Should I have any concerns on the Unity side or anything I'll need to re-apply?

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Re: Schema Issues with Unity 4.0(2)

First, the schema extensions were reviewed and approved by standards bodies, including Microsoft - I know it's always tempting for folks to lay their network/Exchange problems at the doorstep of the last guy on the scene when you can't figure out what's going on, but the chances of the schema extensions we made in AD causing the Exchange problems they're experiencing is very, very remote.

If the extensions are left in place an the users in the directory are not touched this shouldn't cause Unity any issues - although re-installing Exchange over itself would give me pause...

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Re: Schema Issues with Unity 4.0(2)

Just so you know, re-executing the forestprep and domainprep, installing Exchange 2K over itself in REINSTALLATION mode, and reapplying the Exchange SP worked well. So far, there are no adverse effects on Unity. All messages that were held in SQL while Exchange was offline synced up as expected.

Microsoft's take on the matter were that the security permissions wihin AD for some of the Exchange objects somehow were affected/corrupted. The reinstallation fixed everything.

So, if the need to reinstall Exchange ever arises, it SHOULD not affect the Unity implementation as long as no changes are made.

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Re: Schema Issues with Unity 4.0(2)

cool... thanks for the follow up.

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