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New Member

Schema update

I'll travel to the other city B to install unity server in AD, but The schema master server is in my city A. Can I update schema here in city A before I install unity in the city B?Personally I think it'll be OK. I want a confirm from you guys.

Second, Unity documentation indicates that make sure schema fully propagated in the AD forest before install Unity. My question here is: Assume I have updated Schema in the schema master server in City A, during my installing unity server in city B, my colleadge in city C meantime is installing another Domain Controller (not unity). Will this give me a trouble since the schema hasn't replicated to that server yet?



Re: Schema update

You need to update the schema on the schema master. There is only one schema master in the entire forest so you don't have a lot of choices as to where you are going to make the change. Of course in a bind you can always move the role to a server in the different location but it doesn't sound like that would apply to your situation.

Installing a new domain controller within the forest the way you described will not impact your Unity installation.



New Member

Re: Schema update

Hi Keith

Maybe I haven't explained my question clearly. yes, I know there is only one schema master server. My question is whether I can run the schema update before I install Unity? Because this unity server is to be installed in another city,just in case I can't reach the schame master server via remote access for unexpected reason while I am in another city installing the unity.




Re: Schema update

As you know there is a requirement to extend the schema before you install Unity. From a technical standpoint it makes no difference whether you do it 5 minutes before or 5 years before, just so long as it is done before and the updates replicate.

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