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Scripting in Call Manager 4.1(3)

We have several Hunt Pilots setup. I was wondering is it possible to create a SQL script to change the RNA Reversion Timeout on Line Group without going into the Web GUI interface??

For example, our current RNA Reversion Timeout on a Line Group is set to 16 (Approx. 4-5 rings) Let's say we want to change that for the weekend at 2:00 every Satuday to 4. Can we create a SQL script that can automate this process? We want the phone to ring only once before going to voice mail instead of 4 - 5 times.



Re: Scripting in Call Manager 4.1(3)

I have not tried this yet, but what about using time of day routing and having two hunt pilots in different partitions?

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Re: Scripting in Call Manager 4.1(3)

Why would you need to use different patitions? I assume this has to do with the TOD in Call Manager. I didn't find the TOD in CM to be that flexible or I just don't know how to configure it properly.

We are actually using the Routing in Unity to make everything work and it is so convoluted. Certain times we route to VM other times we route to a off-net cell phone. It is crazy!! The problem is there is no redundancy for Unity so if it goes down we are SOL.

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Re: Scripting in Call Manager 4.1(3)


I have implemented the ToD routing function for a client. It is necessary to use two partitions as each of the partitions need to be associated with the appropriate time periods, so as to know how to route at particular times.

The customer was also using the Unity timing function, but, as you rightly say, that was a pain. Using the TOD function within CallManager is much better, as it can provide some redundancy.



Re: Scripting in Call Manager 4.1(3)


This is pretty easy to do with AXL SOAP,

you can schedule it from a host in Task Scheduler, or tomcat or cron.

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