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Many thanks to the moderator for pointing me in the right direction with my Call Handler issues.....I've finally got it working!!!

Is there anyway to script the creation and deletion of subscriber accounts and tie it in with the scripting of Win 2k Accounts and mailboxes?



Cisco Employee

Re: Scripting

There's no supported way to do this currently, however we're working in that direction. With the release of 4.0 we should be supporting adds/moves/deletes via SQL stored procedures directly which should mean you can do the work to make most of this scriptable if necessary. In 3.x, however, there's some missing components for this.

I have some documentation in the works for how to do this in 4.x coming in the next several months. I'll be posting it along with architecture, data object model and other documentation on AnswerMonkey as they are completed so folks can review them prior to the 4.x release if they choose.

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Re: Scripting

Okay, there an unsupported way by using OSQL and the sp_addlogin and sp_adduser commands?

Cisco Employee

Re: Scripting

no... punching stuff into SQL is only part of the story. You have to dance with the directory monitors to get some of that data into the directory as appropriate, this is the tricky bit that gets easier in 4.0 with a new service being added that can be activated with another stored procedure and take care of all the messy details here.

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