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Second Dail Tone

Hi all,

We have TWO CCM 3.2(3)sr3 with centralized design. We also couple T1 PRI Voice gateway H.323 register to CCM.

When I create Dial Pattern 9.@ with 7-11 digit dialing and provide outside dial tone. I should get my second dial tone after I press 9. However, for example, when I dial 91212 xxx xxxx, I get the scond dial after I press 912. The call still go through, just so confused to users though.

Any thought??

Thanks in advance.

New Member

Re: Second Dail Tone

Cisco handles secondary dial tone very oddly. Basically, as the system performs didgit analysis, as soon as all potential route pattern matches have the "Provide Secondary Dialtone" option selected, it provides secondary dialtone. So one route pattern that doesn't have that option could "break" it for the whole system.

For example, if I have a simple dial in which I have 9.@, and also have 9.612XXXXXXX and 9.952XXXXXXX and 9.763XXXXXXX, and all these route patterns are set to provide secondary dialtone, then it will act as expected; a outgoing call would hear a secondary dialtone after the 9. However, if I created a route pattern of 9.651XXXXXXX that did not have the secondary dialtone option, then callers would hear a secondary dialtone after dialing 9[1-5,7-9], and if they were dialing 96, they wouldn't hear it until after the third digit.

Based on your post I would say you have a route pattern that begin 91X that does not have the "Provide Secondary Dialtone" option.


Re: Second Dail Tone

You are right!!

I have 911 route pattern(panic 911) that does not have the "provide secondary dialtone".

Of course I also have 9.911 route pattern.

How do I solve this problem??

Thanks again

New Member

Re: Second Dail Tone

I would select the Secondary Dialtone option on the 911 pattern. This will cause a secondary dialtone after the 9 which is what you want. People dialing 911 without the 9 access code will still go through, but will hear dialtone after the 9. There's no way around that. The system cannot know if there are dialing 9+10 digits or 911 based on the first number.


Re: Second Dail Tone

I guess thats the only way.

Thanks for your great help.