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security errors in E.V. from unity

I keep getting this error all the time in the event viewer. Anyone have any idea what it means. I have check the permissions for the admin and they all look good to me...

Event Type: Failure Audit

Event Source: Security

Event Category: Privilege Use

Event ID: 578

Date: 9/26/2002

Time: 7:44:24 AM

User: VM\administrator

Computer: UNITY


Privileged object operation:

Object Server: Security

Object Handle: 4294967295

Process ID: 2956

Primary User Name: UNITY$

Primary Domain: VM

Primary Logon ID: (0x0,0x3E7)

Client User Name: administrator

Client Domain: VM

Client Logon ID: (0x0,0x3B5B5)

Privileges: SeIncreaseBasePriorityPrivilege

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Re: security errors in E.V. from unity

These aren't errors but secruity warnings, right?

You get a security warning similiar to this whenever Unity logs into a user's mailbox that is on another server I believe but I don't have a multiple box environement here at home to test to exact message... if you see a bunch of these fly by after Unity startup and then it stops after a while this is very likely the case. This is an MS logged secruity warning that we can't do anything about - even though we have rights to log into mailboxes (i.e. we have send as/receive as rights on all mail stores) a security warning is still issued when any account other than the owner of a box logs in. We need to do this for inbox montioring for MWI and notification purposes.

If the messages continue indefinitely, it's another issue at play...

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