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Send Caller to...

Within Unity there are many places where I have the option to send a caller to: a call handler, a subscriber, a directory handler, opening greeting, etc). In some cases I'd very much like to send the caller to the opening greeting however we don't use the standard opening greeting. We have a few custom "opening greetings" which are based on the time when the user calls. <br><br>What I'd like to do is send the caller to my predefined routing table (the one Unity uses when a call first arrives). This way Unity can then decide what to do with them based on the routing table and the callers get sent to "opening greeting" which is appropriate. Is there any way to do this?<br><br>Thank You<br>Paul <br><br>


Re: Send Caller to...

Hmmm... well, that really wouldn't work with the current implementation since the routing rules are based on the call state (i.e. is it forwarded, direct etc...) and after the user has bounced around in the system, tried extensions etc... just dumping them back to the routing rules for another run at it may have some interesting results.

but I see where you're going with it... instead of sending someone to the greeting or transfer rules of a call handler you want to be able to go to a decision tree about which handler to send the call to as a single entry point. Perhaps a special routing conversation that evaluates the routing rules with an eye towards assuming it's an outside caller dialing in direct or something.

that could be interesting for simple tenant services type applications as well, although that would assume we've kept track of the original port/trunk/dialed number informatione etc... through the life of the call. It could also get tricky with different entry points into the system (i.e. through the operator, forwarding from a DID line, direct calls etc...).

Let me chew on that for a bit...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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