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Send Email with Caller ID info

Here is my scenario. Does anyone know if this is possible

I would like to be able to do the following.

When a call comes into a certain extension the phone system will email a predetermined email address with the caller ID info

Can this be done?


Re: Send Email with Caller ID info

Yes with Unified Messaging it works great.

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Re: Send Email with Caller ID info

You are correct. When a call goes into voicemail the voicemail shows up in the users inbox.

What I am looking to do is this.

I have a Help Desk App in Outlook. When an email comes in to the inbox it is converted into a help desk ticket. I would to be able to have the phone system send an email to that inbox with the caller ID info whenever the call is answered. If I pick up the call and talk to the caller I want the system to email so that when I go into that inbox all calls recieved by my help desk staff are listed in the inbox.

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Re: Send Email with Caller ID info

you can do it with ipcc express, if you have that product -- or have money to burn on the problem;) An IPCC application can be scripted that accepts the call, creates the email messsage, sends it off, waits a few seconds (if you want it to have time to go through the system first) and then transfers the call to your help desk folks. It could also queue calls for the help desk staff, if you want...

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