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Send msg to subscribers w/o logging on to Unit

Within the office, Client wants to send a quick voice mail to another subscriber in Unity. He wants to be able to do it without logging into Unity and without ringing the subscriber's phone. (just like the old Octel box that he is using). So is this option available in the new version of Unity? <br><br><br>Systems Engineer


Re: Send msg to subscribers w/o logging on to Unit

If he's not calling the voice mail system first and he's not ringing the phone, this is very likely a feature of the phone system, not the voice mail. Most phone systems have a transfer over ride function that will let you dial an extension and force it to forward like a Busy/RNA automatically without ringing the phone. The end result is you dial a number and end up at that user's voice mail greeting in one step. Any voice mail system will work with this, but the phone system has to do some of the heavy lifting here.

CM, unfortunately, does not have a transfer over ride. As such when you call Unity you need to tell us where you want to go and that you don't want to ring the phone. From the opening greeting you'd dial the user's ID followed by #2 (all as one number) and Unity will skip the transfer attempt. This does require you call Unity first.

not a lot of other options we could add to Unity itself to make this more automated without requiring special call routing rules and phantom numbers and the like...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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