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Sending voice/text messages to IP phone(s)

I have the task of integrating the following functionality into our VC++6 application: The ability to send both voice and text messages to an IP phone or group of IP phones. By Voice messages I mean placing a call.

Can someone please direct me to which API(s)/SDK(s) I should use?

I have looked through the CCM_API_Overview_3_3_3.pdf; there are quite a few technologies available. Any assistance in helping me narrow down what I should focus on is much appreciated.


Re: Sending voice/text messages to IP phone(s)

Sending text = your usual IP phone xml service. Check the ip phone services sdk and documentation for more info.

Placing calls and general call interaction: you'll want to look at TAPI.

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Re: Sending voice/text messages to IP phone(s)

I tracked down the IP Phone Services for sending text. The Push2Phone example is what I will look at first; I found a reference to it in the Cisco_IP_Phone_Services_SDK_Overview.pdf.

Thanks for your help.

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