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sentinel driver

unity 3.1(5) via patch fr 3.1(3)...have had many an issue today with cust act directory, but are finally good to go and as soon as i start my unity install i get the sentinel error 1603...ok, so being the studious answermonkey turned netpro fan that i am, i get advice fr prev posts...unfortuntaly, even after removing stinkin usb dongle, removing any annotations to anything usb - including wiping the registry - and attempting reinstall from disk one, still not luck...funny thing is when i attempt to install from cd i get an error msg saying it cant contact network location 'c:\documents and settings\my pictures'

10 bucks to the first person who can accurately describe to me why o why this stinkin little program needs access to the my pictures folder!!!

bueller, bueller....anyone????!!!!!

i hate the thought of having to open a tac case all over a stinkin usb dongle even before i load unity!!!!

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Re: sentinel driver

hmmm... searching around in the emailer archives I don't find a heck of a lot more than you found out here on the forum. What platform is this anyway?

The only thing I can suggest is maybe to truck out to Sential's site and try installing the latest key driver to see if that gets around the problem:

No idea what that references to the "my pictures" directory is all about - very odd...

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