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Separate Conference Bridge Resource for Meet-Me and Ad-Hoc

Anyone have a technique to allocate different conference bridge resources for Meet-Me vs. Ad-Hoc (more than IP phone limite of 3 or external particpant) within scope of the same MRG/MRGL?

We have PVDM2 based HCB at all sites which max out at 8 particpants. We occasionally need larger conferences and the only way to to do that is to use CallManager SCB which we don't want to do unless it's an controlled exception (i.e. a Meet-Me conference).

So far all I've found is the fact Meet-Me maximums can be set in CCM service parameters with a different (higher) value than Ad-Hoc but that's all.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: Separate Conference Bridge Resource for Meet-Me and Ad-Hoc

I don't think you can seperate them, because they are allocated based on what's available in a MRGL assigned to the conference originator i.e. IP phone, and you do not assign MRGL directly to the meet-me conference.


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Re: Separate Conference Bridge Resource for Meet-Me and Ad-Hoc

That is my belief too. I just want to make sure I covered the bases before I deliver expensive news to management.

It would be sweet and somewhat logical if you coudl separte the resources. Then for smaller, ad-hoc conferences you could use minimal DSP resources at each site (6 to 8 particpants each depending on the technology) and elminate the need to hairpin exsternal participants over the WAN. For larger conferences that most likely would be arranged ahead of time and could use the Meet-Me feature and a larger, central resource such as a WS-6608 or even CCM SCB.

I'm hoping we can hold off and look at Meeting Place Express this summer.


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