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Service and SAWeb Not responding

We have Unity Enterprise running on Windows 2000, with Exchange 5.5 (running on the same server as Unity) and the Active Directory Connector and are using Cisco Call Manager 3.0 with Skinny to connect Enterprise to the Call Manager. We are having some wierd problems with the Unity services. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, calls into the voicemail system will not be answered or return a fast busy. If you look at the services in windows 2000 they are the AvCsMgr service isn't running, which explains the busy or not answered calls. Why it is stopping I don't know, and you can't simply just start it to get it working, you basically have to do a hard reset on the server. Other times, the SAWeb site will not accept connections (no error, will just time out) though the OWA site still works, and a IIS restart does nothing. Again, a full system restart will USUALLY fix this problem. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and if W2K SP1 has any issues working with Unity.<br><br>Network Engineering Associates


Re: Service and SAWeb Not responding

We've been using SP1 for Win2K in house with no problems, nothing reported in the field I know of.

anything show up in the event logs indicating why/how the services are shutting down?

You should call support and get a ticket open for this. Haven't heard of antyhing on these lines at all.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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