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I need to find a solution for service observe. The barge-in feature in the call manager will not work due to the fact that the codec is G729 because it is going overseas. My CIO is ready to throw out the cisco solution and go Avaya VOIP. Currently we are running on CCM 3.3(2),using Apropos as our call center, and voice print as our recording agent. Neither Apropos or Voice Print offers service observe on Cisco. Apropos and Voice print will work with the Avaya solution. Is there any third party software that can be used for service observe? Someone mentioned Witness but said it was expensive. How expensive? Sorry for the long winded question but I want to keep Cisco solution. I have 10 days to come up with alternative.

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Re: Service-Observe

Have you looked at the AVVID Partner List?

I think Nice support voice record. In this list, "record" also showed up under DataVoice.

As to the barge issue, it is true that barge is a 711 only feature. In 4.0, a new feature called cBarge is available that enables up to 16 people to barge into a call with either 711 or 729. (a conf bridge facilitates this) This doesn't help you now, but your CIO might like to know this.

As a possible workaround, you could take the phone in across the WAN and create a new Region. The purpose of this region would be to ONLY allow remote phones WITH shared lines to use 711 across the WAN. As long as you only have a few remote phones, you can force them to use 711 when calling (or barging) across the WAN. Depending upon your LAN solution, this may work. (assuming you don't have a ton of these)

Be careful with your QoS queues here.

I have not tried this, and it IS a hack workaround, but it could work.

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Re: Service-Observe

I assume by service observe you want to silent monitor, inwhich a supervisor can listen to both (all) parties in a call without either party being aware. If that's the case, you can go with Eryetel, which was bought by Witness, I beleive. They have a slient monitoring package. Also, Cisco's IPCC solution has an integrated Silent Monitoring/Recording solution, but I assume you don't want to replace the Apropos system.

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