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service-policy command and no scrambling-payload


I have been having trouble applying the "service-policy output" command to the pvc of an ATM sub-interface and I am running out of ideas and was wondering if anyone could recommend anything or has encountered this problem before. I've applied the same command and QoS to several other routers but this router will not accept it. I have enabled cef ("ip cef") globally and yet this hasn't helped. I have also noticed that I have not been able to use the "no scrambling-payload" command on the main ATM interface which is the only difference from the other routers I've done this on as well as a difference in model (this one is a 2600) and IOS ver. (12.2(8)T I found a known bug (the bug resolved since 12.2(5) I believe) for something on relating to the service-policy command not saving upon write-and-reload but I can not even make the command effective on the running-config I am have the router configured for line code b8zs and framing is esp so I thought the "no scrambing-payload" might help... shouldn't there be a relation? Also, what would be keeping me from appling the no "scrambling-payload command"? I plugged into the router from the console and I get the following response after I try and use the service-policy command:

2w2d: %ATM-5-UPDOWN: Changing VC 1/32 VC-state to PVC removed.

2w2d: I/f ATM0/0.32 VC 1/32 class VoIPQoS requested bandwidth 383 (kbps) Availa

ble only 15 (kbps)

2w2d: %ATM-5-UPDOWN: Changing VC 1/32 VC-state to PVC activated.

2w2d: %ATM-5-UPDOWN: Changing VC 1/32 VC-state to PVC created.

2w2d: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console

When I login remotely/telnet I do not get any response/feedback from the router. The bandwidth of 15 kbps is not possible and does not make sense to me as the pvc as a cbr of 1535 and "show queueing" shows about 750 kbps...

Thank you for your help in advance! :)



Re: service-policy command and no scrambling-payload

Hi ,

By default router would take 25% of the bandwidth specified in the interface for the default queue ( Queue used for carrying other traffic not mentioned in the class maps in service policy and other routing protocol or other traffic used by router ).

Just think , if the bandwidth in the interface is 1000k , then you can only use 750k for all the class maps configured .In case if you have configured 985k of bw when totalling ur bw in class maps , then it would say available only 750 k .

You can also change it using max-reserved bandwidth .

Pls refer this doc

Hope this helps


vanesh k

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