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Service Provider Distinctive Ring Call Routing

I have the situation where I want to replace an old key switch with a UC500. The only outstanding issue I have is an inbound ring feature enabled by the provider. The way it works is the customer has 2 phone lines that are members of a service provider hunt group. When they dial the pilot the first line rings and if it is busy the second line rings, no big deal. The issue is that the published fax number is the second line in the hunt group. So if the call comes in directly to the fax number the service provider gives it a distinctive ring, this is currently how the customer knows not to answer the phone and let the fax machine get it. With a UC500 implementation I would like to make this all transparent to the user. So here is my question, is there a way to route the call to the fax machine based off the fact that it rings in with this funny tone from the provider?


Re: Service Provider Distinctive Ring Call Routing

Call routing is based on dial plan, not tones. Tones in the speechpath will be sent to the destination, but are not used to determine where the destination should be. Fax pass-through/relay is triggered by the fax tones (CNG) when they start to sync up over the speechpath. Inband ringtones will not trigger these features; they will simply be passed through like plain voice conversation.

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