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I want to know that the Session Border Controller is a Interface or device or a technology used in VoIP ?

As we need a Inter chassis Redundancy in Cisco ASR 1002 and we checked a document in which it is mentioned that we need SBC on these devices to run the Inter chassis Redundancy feature on Cisco ASR 1002.

This is the link in which it is mentioned that SBC is for redundancy.


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SBC is typically used to

SBC is typically used to terminate SIP trunks from an ITSP. It is a service that runs on a router and can help provide security features like address hiding and others. If you need redundancy you can set up HSRP.

Your question is a bit unclear but if you just need redundancy between two ASR then HSRP or VRRP will work fine. If you are using SIP then you must use HSRP.

Here is a CUBE / HSRP configuration guide. Make sure you take notes of any caveats.

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 Hi Michael Thanks for


Hi Michael 
Thanks for Replying 

we want a Inter chassis redundancy between both asr 1002. our these devices carries QOS, BGP and VRF traffic. we do not want to run HSRP, we want a replication process of our configuration from active asr towards secondary asr which is inter chassis redundancy.

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