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Set the Calling party presentation to Restricted

I'm working with a CCM 4.1.(3) sr2 and I need to restrict the calling number in certain calls. I begin with a more elaborated config with translation patterns that set the Calling party presentation to Restricted, but it doesn’t work.

Just for troubleshooting I did a simple config with a route pattern with the “Calling party presentation” set to “default” pointing to a RL->RG->GW.

The GW is a 2811 configured as MGCP and the “Calling party presentation” to “Restricted”.

I saw that the "party presentation” doesn't influence the calling party sent to the outside PSTN!! I always see the DN of the phone, I remember that in older CCM versions it worked, anyone have a similar problem and knows how to solve it?


Cisco Employee

Re: Set the Calling party presentation to Restricted

One thing to note here is that if you have made any changes to the RG/RL at all, it will override what you have in the Route pattern. You need to keep all configs on RG/RL at default if you want to tweek any parameters in the route pattern.

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