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Setting up an Operator

I have a customer who wants a receptionist to answer phones during normal working hours. I have setup the opening greeting transfer rule to attempt transfer to the recepionist's mailbox. It works fine, but when callers call in the first thing they hear is "please wait while I transfer your call." You have any ideas on how this could be done without receiving the initial message?<br><br><br>Matt Slaga <img src="/images/icons/wink.gif"><br>Dimension Data US<br><font color=red>MCNE</font color=red>, <font color=blue>MCSE2k</font color=blue>, <font color=purple>CCNP/DP Unity Systems Engineer</font color=purple>

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Re: Setting up an Operator

When Unity is doing a transfer it will always play that "please wait while ..." prompt. (This is so a user won't get confused and hang up if it takes a little while for the person to answer the phone.)

So you're going to have to either play a little intro message "welcome to company X ... la la la ... I will now ring the operator..." and associate that with the call handler.

Or you could also have a DID line ring the operator's desk directly and then forward to the auto-attendant when they don't answer. But then you'd have to ring a few times afterhours, which may not be ideal....

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Re: Setting up an Operator

I setup the opening greeting to play a short greeting during open hours, then the call is transferred. The call is sent to the receptionist's phone, but it never rings. If I call her extension directly, it works fine. All of their Calling Search spaces and partitions are the same (subscriber, uone ports).

Matt Slaga
Dimension Data US
MCNE, MCSE2k, CCNP/DP Unity Systems Engineer

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Re: Setting up an Operator

This looks like an issue we've seen in our lab with some recent versions. You should try enabling and using the alternate greeting instead of the standard greeting for this call handler.

There is a much more complicated way to "fix" the standard greeting using DohPropTest, but it's a little beyind the scope of the forum. (I think ... Jeff may know of an easier way of doing it.) And this issue will be fixed in the next 2.4.6 patch released.

But you should be able to get the transfers to the operator working by using the alternate greeting.

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